World Automotive Components - 2023 award results

October 27, one of the most anticipated events of the automotive industry took place - the 10th anniversary award “World Automotive Components - 2023”.

The international trade fair of Spare Parts, Automotive Aftersales Market and Service CTO EXPO acted as the General Partner of the award.

Every year the ceremony grows in size and authority.

Voting for the award nominations began in May at CTO Expo 2023. More than 28,000 people voted for the nominees. They were: specialists from service stations, car shops, representatives of companies distributing auto components, automotive industry experts, car enthusiasts, internet users. 190 brands were presented for voting, including 30 new brands.

Prizes for the award ceremony were provided by: СТО EXPO, CTR, MK Kashiyama, CWORKS, Tochka Opory, JIKIU, ALLEYA GROUP, FENOX, MASTER KIT, STANDARD SPRINGS, LUBRIGARD, EXPO Service.

Winners of WAC-2023:

* Nomination “Car Bulbs of the Year” - MAYAK
* Nomination “Battery of the Year” - METACO
* Nomination “Shock Absorbers of the Year” - MANDO
* Nomination “Shock Absorber Springs of the Year” - STANDARD SPRINGS
* Nomination “Brand of the Year in the Autochemicals Segment” - COOLSTREAM
* Nomination “Brand of the Year – Suspension and Steering Parts” - CTR
* Nomination “Brand of the Year - Suspension and Steering Parts” - POINT OF FOOL
* Drive Belt of the Year Award - AMD
* Nomination “Radiator of the Year” - LUZAR
* Nomination “Brake Pads of the Year” - MK KASHIYAMA
* Nomination “Brake Discs of the Year” - STELLOX
* Nomination “Filter of the Year” - AMD
* Nomination “Filter of the Year” (experts’ choice) - LIVNY
* Nomination “Wiper Blades of the Year” – LYNX
* Nomination “Brand of the Year in the fuel and lubricants segment” - REINWELL
* Nomination “New Product of the Year” - LUBRIGARD
* Nomination “Person of the Year in the Automotive Industry” - Alexey Makhmudov * Grand Prix “Brand of the Year” – CTR

Special award certificates:

“For significant contribution to the development of the auto parts and after-sales service industry” - GROUPAUTO
“For contribution to the development of the automotive component industry” - CTO EXPO
"Leader among Japanese manufacturers" - MK KASHIYAMA
“For the development of new market segments” – FEBEST
“New of the Year” - FAP
“For current market trends, deep expertise in the field of analytics of the range, prices and brands of auto parts” - Aftermarket-DATA, Dmitry Bolkhovsky

The CTO Expo team was glad to communicate with our participants and partners in such a warm atmosphere of the industry holiday.